Meet the Principal.

Schoolhaus is the vision of agency principal, Christine Voliva, 15-year marketing-industry veteran and former second-grade teacher. The brand is a nod to her education background and inspired by Bauhaus, the most influential modern art school of the 20th century.


Top of the Class.


We've got stacks of sharp #2 pencils and bright minds ready to work.


Heather Castillo, Production Manager

Heather is a Mom of three, which gives her more experience than most with juggling projects. Plus she's got tons of experience in the ad industry. From print to broadcast to digital and everything in between, if you need it done on time, on budget and on brand, Heather always delivers.



Ashleigh Ostermann, Communications Manager

Ashleigh is a twin. It’s hard to imagine - that there is another person in the world with the same amount of personality and energy she exudes daily. Ashleigh has a Master's degree in Social Media, is a PR pro from the agency world and loves pizza. Like really LOVES pizza. She may have once shown up at Lazy Moon dressed as a slice. That's true passion, don't you think?



Scout, Human Relations

Scout is a hound who loves people. All sorts of people. She will lick just about anyone. Heck, smile at her and she'll roll right over for a tummy scratch. She loves long walks with her Mom, snacks and toys. And more snacks. Don't be afraid if she barks at you through the office window. She's a good guard dog and only doing her job. Because, snacks.