The Guinea Pig Intern


I’ll admit, when I graduated from the University of Central Florida this past spring, I hesitated to apply for another internship instead of begin my search for a full-time job. But when I interviewed with the Schoolhaus team to be the startup’s first-ever intern, that reluctance faded away. After learning about the agency’s beginnings, goals for growth and approach towards building brands, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with interning here. 

As the advertising and public relations intern at our small startup, I’ve had the opportunity to develop creative content and build positive relationships. From kickoff meetings to final presentations, I’ve learned what goes into delivering exceptional work for our clients throughout every step of the process. I’ve pitched new ideas, planned weeks-worth of social media content, wrote media releases, developed copy for different marketing mediums and so much more. Even with my novice title, I’ve played an integral role in supporting the Schoolhaus team. 

But as important as it’s been for me to take on real responsibility as an intern, how I’ve felt being here has mattered to me just as much.

Like most college students hustling to gain real-world experience, I took on a handful of internships throughout my undergraduate career before finding my way to Schoolhaus. While some work experiences exceeded my expectations, others have made me incredibly appreciative of Schoolhaus’ mission to put people first. Though simple, I’ve seen what a difference it makes to work alongside a team that prioritizes culture, acts on good intentions and helps anyone out whenever possible. Not only does this mission make it easy to build genuine relationships and bring out more thoughtful ideas for our clients, but it creates a space where even a guinea pig intern feels welcome and valued. 

As a recent graduate who wants to excel in this industry, gaining agency experience is one thing but doing it alongside a caring, dedicated team is everything. That’s what interning at Schoolhaus has given me: growth without compromise. When I’m here, I’m excited about the work that I do and I’m happy to be doing it. And as an intern, what more can I ask for?

Christine Voliva