This summer we helped Florida-based craft beer brands Orange Blossom Brewing Co. and Inoculum Ale Works spread the word about a beer they collaborated on, a father-and-son story just in time for Father’s Day. We engaged with Florida media, trade pubs and relevant influencers and bloggers to promote the limited-edition sour beer, Inoculated Orange Blossom Pilsner.

As the founder of Orange Blossom Brewing, making beer is my life. My son Nick, however, never really understood that when he was growing up. As a kid, he thought it was dumb. Funny how life works because he’s quite an accomplished brewer now and has his own brewery called Inoculum Ale Works. I guess brewing wasn’t so stupid after all.

One day an opportunity to create a collaboration beer with my son presented itself, for Father’s Day. And It was a big deal to me. I was going to make a special beer. With my son! As a father and a brewer, I had all these feelings but none of the words to express the wonder of this project.

On recommendation, I hired Schoolhaus to help me spread the word. Christine and her team put it all together perfectly and presented it with mastery. They actually made it a far bigger story than I thought possible. We got inquiries and press not just locally in the Orlando market but nationally, far beyond where we could even supply. I would recommend Schoolhaus to anyone who needs a great marketing and PR partner.
— Tom Moench, Founder & Head Brewer